8 Years of Whisky & Wisdom

A weekend getaway for people who enjoy fine whisky, amazing food, and great conversation.

Everyone knows the best part of any conference is seeing friends you normally only see online, meeting new people, and all the conversations that happen over food and drink.

Web Whisky Weekend is just that part. No badges. No sessions. No bullshit. Just a group of like-minded people getting together to talk about the Web and enjoy some tasty brown liquids.

Imagine a resort style property in the southeastern Indiana mountains for a weekend to hang out, talk about the web, and enjoy some good whisky. Everyone brings a bottle or two (or more) of something to share. There are typically over 150 unique bottles to sample and savor.

It’s one helluva weekend.

A few dozen interesting people

Web designers, developers, entrepreneurs and more

Whisky Glass

150+ bottles of whisky

Your opportunity to try a variety of options from around the world

3 nights of luxury accommodations

Spend a long weekend in a mountain-top resort with all the amenities

The Accommodations

Attendees can expect spectacular mountain views, immaculate common spaces, and all the modern amenities imaginable. Just 15 miles from downtown Louisville, this property provides a balance between peaceful retreat and the need for city living.

Epic food paired with fantastic whisky, wine, and coffee too

The weekend is about more than just whisky, the food is top notch as well. Family style dinners that rival your favorite restaurant, hand-picked wine to pair with your meal, and delicious desserts to follow.

Prepared by foodies that love to cook, you’ll get to enjoy fine dining in a relaxed setting amongst peers. Late-night oven-cooked pizza or mid-day brisket is not uncommon here.

It’s an unforgettable weekend, and you’ll be thinking about it all year long once you’ve experienced it.

Eat, drink, repeat.

Meals that don’t disappoint

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with day-time snacks that impress

Wine and dine with friends

Whisky is a given, but we pair fantastic wine with your meals too

Cocktails and desserts too

Why not enjoy that bourbon or scotch with some bitters or a brownie?